Rebar corrosion is a problem faced by many reinforced concrete structures. The rebar is protected by the alkali component of the concrete surrounding it. Over time, if the surface is oxidized or carbon or chloride penetrates, the alkali component in the concrete disappears and oxygen or moisture penetrates and the rebar begins to corrode. Corrosion of reinforcing bars weakens and cracks the concrete or causes a decrease in the cross-sectional area of rebars, so it is very important to find them at an early stage of corrosion. The Potentiometric Concrete Rebar Corrosion Tester Half-Cell 3023 displays the potential difference between rebar and concrete as a digital value to find the extent of corrosion and the degree of corrosion. This ensures that the entire structure remains safe and can be managed most efficiently. The half-cell inspection method can be used regardless of the diameter of reinforcing bars or the thickness of the concrete cover, and can be used at any time within the life of the concrete. Half-Cell 3023 is supplied with Half-Cell sensor, carrying case, 30m extension cable and aluminum case. MKC supplies the HC-2020 program CD with the equipment for contour mapping of measurement results or for creating reports.
Features of Half-Cell 3023
Directly read the potential value digitally by touching the sensor (Half-Cell Electrode) to the surface of concrete
Measurement Range: 0 to -2,000mV
Analog Display
Hold function to freeze the display
Measured value storage and contour mapping function
Battery saving circuit that automatically shuts off power after about 5 minutes of inactivity
Rugged aluminum case and protective leather case
Lithium-ion battery for over 300 hours of use
Low Battery display function
Conforms to ASTM C876
Half-Cell 3023 Measuring Principle
Kit composition of Half-Cell 3023
Half-Cell 3023 Body
Half-Cell Electrode(CSE)
Extension Cable
Carrying Pouch
Copper Lactic Acid Powder
Software for Analysis
User's Guide
Portable Aluminum Bag
Specifications of Half-Cell 3023
Model Half-Cell 3023
Measuring Principle Potential Difference Measurement Method using Half-Cell Electrode(CSE)
Measuring Range 0 to -2,000 mV
Display 3.2 inch TFT 3 1/2 Row LCD Display
Resolution 1mV
Display Stability ±1mV
Input Impedance 100MΩ
Auto Shut-Off Auto Power Off after 5 Minutes of Inactivity
Hold Function Pause the Current Measurement Value
Save Measurements 5
Contour Mapping 2 x 2 ∼ 10 x 10
Display Function Low Battery and Hold Status
Power Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Battery Life Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for Over 300 Hours of Use
Oerating Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Size 172 x 105 x 68mm
Weight 940g (body including battery)
* Specifications presented are subject to change without notice for product improvement.