Direct reading of electrical activity by Copper Sulphate Electrode
  Measuring Range: 2,000mV 2,000mV
  Display Hold Function
  Automatic Power off to save battery
  Rugged plastic case and carrying pouch
  300 hours operation by 9V battery
  Low Battery status display
  Conforms to ASTM C876

Corrosion of reinforcing steel is encountered in variety of reinforced concrete structures.
Corrosion ultimately results in a reduction in the cross section of the reinforcement and
spalling of the concrete. In well-cured concrete, the steel reinforcing bars are protected by
the Alkaline composition of the surrounding concrete. As time passes, the Alkaline protection
can be eroded either by carbonation or by chlorides. Once the Alkaline protection is removed,
in the presence of oxygen and moisture, the steel is liable to corrode.
Consequently, it is important to detect corrosion at an early stage of its development.
Furthemore, when repairing a reinforced concrete structure, it is important to locate and
repair all areas of corroding reinforcement. Half-Cell potential technique is an established
and reliable method of measuring and monitoring the condition of reinforcing steel in concrte.
Half-Cell 2000 is used to locate corroding reinforcement without disrupting the concrete cover
to the reinforcing steel. Half-Cell 2000 is supplied with copper sulphate electrode, carrying pouch,
30 meter length extension cable, aluminium bag and instruction manual.
Half-Cell 2000 electrical circuit for measuring half-cell potentials
Half-Cell 2000 Kit
  Half-Cell 2000 main body
  Half-Cell Electrode(CSE)
  Sponge Insert
  Carrying Pouch
  30m extension cable
  HC-2000 Corrosion Analysis & Report Program
  Aluminium bag
  Instruction manual
Specifications of Half-Cell 2000
  Measuring Method: Half-Cell potential method using Copper Sulphate Electrode
  Measuring Range: 2,000mV 2,000mV
  Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD
  Resolution: 1mV
  Display Stability: 1mV
  Input Impedance: 100M
  Automatic Shut-Off: After 5 minutes without use
  Hold Function: Hold the display
  Display Function: Low Battery and Hold status
  Power: 9V battery (1 ea)
  Battery Life: About 300 hours
  Operating Temperature: -10~50
  Size: 1508030mm
  Weight: 280 grams (main body including battery)
  Warranty: one year
Specifications are subject to change without notice