Direct read-out of transit time of ultrasonics in concrete with ultrasonic transducers,
    which is pulsed by high voltage.
With the combinations of hogh-energy pulser, high sensitivity receiver and high efficiency
    transducers,  it is excellent in thick and attenuative materials.
Compact design makes it easy to operate in work-site or laboratory.
LED back-lit enables to read the LCD clearly in dark places.
Ni-MH rechargeable battery enables rapid recharge and long time operation.
Displays the transit time in 0.1s unit.
Conforms to BS1881 part 203.
The X-TranTM connector in main body protects the instrument from damage by connection  
Rugged Aluminium case and protective carrying pouch.
Low Battery status display.

The velocity of ultrasonics, travelling in concrete or wood, depends on its density and elastic stiffness. Contester-1000 generates ultrasonic in a transducer by high voltage, and this energy travels the material and reaches to receiving transducer. When its density and elastic stiffness are high, the transit time is short. On the other hand, when its density and elastic stiffness are low, it takes a longer time. With Contester-1000, it is possible to evaluate materials by non-destructive testing and measure the elastic property by counting a transit time of ultrasonics.

Contester-1000 is supplied with 52 kHz ultrasonic transducers, which is manufactured by Q-see man. It was designed to send and receive ultrasonic signals effectively even in high attenuative material, like concrete, wood, stone, brick and plastics. Besides, Contester-1000 used X-TranTM  connectors, which protects the instrument from damage by connecting wrongly by mistake. And simple design and functions enable to operate it easily in work-site and laboratory.

Contester-1000 was developed by cooperative research with KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standard & Science), subsidized from the national coffers of Ministry of Science and Technology, one of "Disaster Prevention Technique Development Program".

Measuring Principles of Contester-1000

Contester-1000 Kit
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Main Body  

Carrying Pouch  UT Transducers  Connection Cable  Couplant 
Reference Block  Battery Charger  Power Code  Instruction Manual  Carrying Bag 
Contester-1000 main body
Carrying pouch
A pair of 52 kHz UT transducer
RG 58 cable with X-Tran/BNC connector
UT couplant
Reference Block
Battery Charger
Power code
Instruction manual
Carrying bag

Ultrasonic Transducer


CT-1010T (click to enlarge)

CT-1010S (click to enlarge)

Norminal frequency : 52 kHz
Element Diameter : 35 mm
Case Diameter : 50 mm
Operating Temp. : -20 ~ 50

Measuring Range of Ultrasonic Transit time : 0.1s1999.9 s
Display : 4 1/2 Digit
Connector : BNC/X-tran
Operating Temperature: -2050
Power : Ni-MH rechargeable Battery or AC 90 - 240V (Free voltage)
Charge time : 3 hours
Battery Life : > 10 hours
Size : 60(H) 153(W) 132mm(D) / 2.36 x 6.02 x 5.19 inches
Weight : 820g (main body with battery)
Warranty : 1 year

Specifications are subject to change without notice

Feild Inspection with Contester-1000

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